Gimmal Physical

Gimmal Physical 3.9 Released

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Gimmal acquired Infolinx in December of 2020. We are happy to announce the first version of their product that is officially wearing the Gimmal team colors, Gimmal Physical 3.9

Cloud Wars

Gimmal Records Cloud Release

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The Gimmal Records Feb. 2021 cloud release provides the latest features to cloud customers from the recent Gimmal Records management server 5.0 release

In-Place Records

Content Governance For SharePoint 5.6

gimmaladminProduct Updates

Gimmal is pleased to announce the General Availability of the Content Governance for SharePoint V5.6 release. This release includes support for SharePoint 2019 and fixes several

Data discovery

Gimmal Altitude Adds Box Support

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Users of Gimmal Altitude are now able to reduce risk in files they store on Box by searching and mitigating files that may contain sensitive, obsolete, or trivial information

Records Management

Introducing Cloud Drop Zones

gimmaladminProduct Updates

Gimmal continues to expand the advanced capabilities in the Cloud with the initial release of Cloud Drop Zones. Users of our Content Governance for SharePoint solution know the