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Classify, locate, and govern physical records and information in-house or offsite. 
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Classify, locate, and govern physical records and information in-house or offsite

Modernize physical records management with:

  • Migrations from legacy or current platforms like OmniRIM, Zasio, FileTrail, RCAMS, and HP Trim
  • Record tracking through barcodes
  • Offsite storage vendor integration with Iron Mountain
  • Tracking and searching capabilities in either cloud or on-prem Laserfiche repositories

Gain visibility of physical records while achieving compliance

Take the guesswork out of records retention policy enforcement, locating records/files/boxes, and records access and security. Gimmal Physical enables unified and secure physical records management. This browser-based solution helps you achieve compliance and ensures timely access to records and information across the enterprise.

Streamline physical records management

Apply retention policies across all physical records, onsite or offsite, to simplify management.

Eliminate manual processes

Automate the lifecycle of physical records to eliminate spreadsheets and other manual processes.

Reduce risks of non-compliance

Ensure records are kept according to retention schedules and disposed of when they become expired.

Achieve cost savings

Proper physical records management can help you reduce the costs of legacy systems and records storage.

Ensure Physical Records Compliance

Lifecycle Management

Have complete control and visibility of physical records onsite or in a warehouse.

Warehouse and Space Management

Identify available space in storage facilities, allocates space for incoming boxes.

Barcode Support

Create barcode labels that are compatible with tethered, wireless, and/or portable barcode devices.


Migrate physical records from legacy systems or Excel spreadsheets.

Record Tracking

Detect lost or missing items with barcodes and a simple check-in/check-out process.

Third-Party Integration

Easily request and approve pickup or delivery of off-site records with Iron Mountain integration.

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