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Altitude Adds Analytics Capabilities

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Gimmal has launched a new product called Altitude that allows users to discover, analyze, classify, and take action on data throughout the enterprise.  Altitude scans network file servers, laptops, workstations, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange mailboxes, and more to help organizations understand exactly what data they have and what the risks may be associated with it.  This is available in a SaaS solution to minimize the resources and costs of a file analysis solution.


Gimmal Altitude deploys agents throughout the enterprise to crawl and index your data sources and report back what has been found.

Data Sources


Once information has been discovered, reports and charts can be created to help understand what data exists.  A customized dashboard can be created as well in order to see the most relevant information immediately.

Altitude Dashboard


Gimmal Altitude has the ability to classify data in order to help understand data that may propose risks to an organization.  PII, PHI, and other sensitive can be labeled to help understand what steps should be taken to mitigate risk and stay in compliance.

Classification Summary

Take Action

Once corporate data is discovered, classified, and analyzed, workflows can be created to move, copy, or delete information.  In addition data may be sent to Gimmal Records Management for long term retention.

*Gimmal Altitude is now Gimmal Discover!