Server Release of Gimmal Records Management 5.0

gimmaladminProduct Updates

What an amazing release this is for all record managers using Gimmal for records management. We have completely re-imagined the disposition process and cannot wait for our users to start approving records for disposition using our software. There a many new features to make compliance to your file plan easier than ever before.

Record Filters

We took the concept of metadata security and amped it up a level to rules-based security. Record Filters allow records to be filtered by a specific set of rules. They apply to all aspects of the system such as Managing Records, Disposition tasks, and Reports.

Record Filters are assigned to Record Classes (also known as categories), and they secure records according to all the filters for a specific Record Classes. Filters work in an inclusive manner, meaning that once a Record Class has been assigned at least one filter, only members of that Record Filter will have access to those records. Users will continue to be bound by the permissions given to them for a specific Record Class.

Disposition Inbox

The disposition inbox has been relocated to a navigation menu under the Dispose section on the main menu.  We have added multiple options under Dispose to give you maximum flexibility during the disposition process.

In addition to an Inbox that only shows you records that are awaiting you to approve, we have added an area for record managers to see all expired records, physical records waiting on confirmation of destruction, and also a separate place for exceptions.

We have added multiple options for approval process users to ensure the right decision is made and acted upon. You can now approve, pause, reject, reclassify, or place a record on legal hold in bulk directly from the Inbox. Try doing that with another records management system!

The new rejected records area was an often-requested feature that allows you to indefinitely reject records, and easily view with filters and sorting the records that have been rejected so they can be easily reinstated.

When using all the new areas, you can now filter, sort, rearrange the columns, add/remove whichever properties you want as columns, and finally, create and reuse these setting as views.


Sometimes the greatest improvements are the things you cannot see. We have taken major leaps in performance and reliability with 5.0 in all areas of the software. This version’s built to handle loads of incoming records and meet big disposition requests at the end of the year.

We look forward to you getting started with Gimmal Records Management 5.0 and hearing about your experiences. If you are an existing client using server deployment, head over to the software download site to get started.

*Gimmal Records Management is now Gimmal Records!