Gimmal Records Management

Manage all records and information, anywhere.

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Automatically manage all of your records with a single platform

Records and information are stored in numerous locations across the enterprise, making it difficult to manage this content in a compliant manner.  With Gimmal Records, you don’t need to waste money on another repository or time streaming records to a data lake.

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Manage all records and information, anywhere

Turn your existing infrastructure into a comprehensive records management system without needing to move content. Ensure records are managed according to appropriate retention schedules and disposed of in a compliant manner.

Gain visibility and control

Have visibility and control of information in any repository with a centralized dashboard.

Manage information anywhere

Ensure information is managed according to policies, regardless of where it lives.

Leverage existing infrastructure

Gimmal Records is independent of repositories and uses connectors to manage information.

Ensure compliance with automation

Set up rules and triggers so you can feel confident that information is set on the right lifecycle.

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