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Drop Zones for Microsoft Teams Release

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Gimmal’s Drop Zones for Teams Release is now available! Gimmal is pleased to announce the general availability of Drop Zones for Teams release for Microsoft Teams with SharePoint Online.

Drop Zones for Teams is an additional component of Gimmal Drop Zones that provide Drop Zone drag-and-drop functionality directly within Microsoft Teams.

Gimmal Drop Zones assists Microsoft Teams users with uploading and tagging content. Drop Zones for Teams provides an elegant solution to the following key use cases:

  1. Uploading content to SharePoint Online using Teams
  • Content creators know where to upload files. Gimmal Drop Zones provide an intuitive interactive tile, available within the web and now in Microsoft Teams so that users do not have to hunt to figure out where to drop off files.
  • Immediately present metadata after uploading content.
  • Drop Zones for Teams helps organizations achieve information governance goals.
  1. Gimmal Drop Zones and Gimmal Records
  • Use Gimmal Drop Zones along with Gimmal Records for full control of the document lifecycle – from content creation to disposition.
  • Gimmal Drop Zones assist in uploading and tagging content for classification and retention for Records Management.
  1. Gimmal Drop Zones and Gimmal Link
  • Use Gimmal Drop Zones along with Gimmal Link to make content available to users in both SharePoint Online and SAP.
  • Reduce the cost of SAP user licenses and storage space by using Gimmal Drop Zones configured with Gimmal Link to store content in SharePoint Online linked to SAP business transactions.

Drop Zones for Microsoft Teams Features

Drop Zones App within Teams

Gimmal Drop Zones is now available as a Teams application. Users can drag and drop files onto their favorite Drop Zones directly within Microsoft Teams.

Drop Zones for Teams automatically stores files in the correct SharePoint location

Favorites Tab

The Favorites tab displays a user’s favorite Drop Zones. Users can select favorite Drop Zones from within the Gimmal Cloud for them to appear in Teams.

Users can select favorite Drop Zones to appear in Teams

Releases Tab

The user’s content history is displayed on the Releases tab displays the user’s content history that was uploaded using a Gimmal Drop Zone. Users can view their release, file, Drop Zone, and template details from Microsoft Teams.

To see a demonstration of Drop Zones for Teams, contact us.