Legal Hold

Leave spreadsheets behind. Become legally defensible.

Give your team control over the complex process of managing custodian notifications and legal holds. Our straightforward process is easy to use, and provides a high degree of flexibility to support the complex needs of corporate litigation—increasing accuracy and productivity.


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All the core features you need, without the extra costs.

  • No one wants the expensive consequences that can happen without an effective legal hold process, from critical evidence loss to adverse legal judgments and compounding legal costs.
  • Implementing a robust legal hold helps you avoid incurring financial penalties all while boosting defensibility, reliability, and efficiency.

Consistently achieve predictable results for your legal hold process

  • Auditable custodian communication 
  • Track and record steps
  • Minimize spoliation risks
  • Stable and consistent
  • Automatic custodian reminders
  • Dedicated system support
  • Streamlined notifications
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fixed fee pricing

A comprehensive legal hold toolkit

Create and customize email notification templates

Automate custodian notifications, and trigger
reminders of pending hold notifications

Track custodian acknowledgement

Create and send custodian questionnaires

Attach important documents to hold notices

Implement a Custodian Master List for identifying legal hold groups

Connect to your HR system

Easy 5-Step Legal Hold Workflow

  1. Initiate Matter
  2. Define Properties
  3. Create Hold(s)
  4. Designate Custodians & Non-Custodial Data Sources
  5. Administer Notifications