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SAP® Software ERP Document Migration Strategies: Gimmal Migrate

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In the SAP world, migrating documents from one repository to another can seem like an overwhelming task. However, moving this content to use M365/SharePoint Online as the external content storage system is straightforward if you have a document migration strategy. In our last post, we discussed using standard SAP-provided tools to migrate content in the simplest scenarios. Today we will discuss the scenarios where large installations of legacy ECM have been utilized, sometimes for extended lengths of time.

The Solution for a Large SAP® Software Document Migration

When legacy ECM systems have been used for extended service periods, they will generally have vast amounts of data with plenty of hidden surprises. Using a tool that can identify these surprises and provide ways of dealing with them is essential in document migration.

Gimmal Migrate is the ideal solution in these scenarios. The applications provided with this migration platform allow for discovering and analyzing all the document content in the legacy ECM platform, including the document content linked to your SAP applications. Once this analysis is complete, the tools for mapping every aspect of the document content to the SharePoint environment are available. This provides the ability to maintain the links established with SAP applications so that they will continue to be available to the SAP application users from SharePoint via the Gimmal Link platform.

Gimmal Migrate is a proven solution at scale and allows for complex migrations of SAP application-related content without the need for custom code. Full reporting and audit capabilities are provided, so you have a provable trail. Rest assured that your valuable data is migrated intact.

Migration Expertise for SAP® Software Documents

While Gimmal Migrate is an incredible “force multiplier” for large-scale content migration projects, sometimes you need assistance. If the vastness of the data stored in legacy systems seems unmanageable for internal resources, particularly while those same resources are tasked with keeping aging legacy systems running, then we have the answer! We have a team of migration experts with deep knowledge and experience in precisely these types of projects.

Whether you have been with us for this whole three-part journey or have just found this last part in your travels on the web, I hope that you have found something helpful. One of the least covered aspects of the Digital Transformation revolution going on in organizations is the transition from legacy ECM to new models of document storage. Each of these transitions is unique, but in this series, I have highlighted the most common that we see in our work assisting organizations take control of their information.

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