Point Park University Saves $100,000 Annually with Gimmal Discover™

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Point Park University is a private liberal arts university offering undergraduate and graduate programs in downtown Pittsburgh. The university has over 4,000 students and employs over 1,300 individuals on their faculty and staff.
"Gimmal Discover has been key in helping to keep our university's data secure and reduce its exposure to outside and inside threats. University compliance and security requirements continue to evolve and expand. Having a product in our hands to quickly answer these requirements and provide proof of compliance with audit trails is of immeasurable value."

Tim Wilson

Assistant Vice President IT Services, Point Park University

Business Needs

With so many people active on their network at all times and on different devices, monitoring and managing the location and usage of sensitive data, copyrighted content, and other information was a difficult task for the University. Most recently, the complexity of this task was brought to light when the University received a cease and desist letter requiring that they find and delete a copyrighted video that they were previously unaware existed on their network. Responding manually to these and other information management needs was taking significant and costly time and resource investments from the University’s IT team.


Point Park University is deploying Gimmal Discover to help automate sensitive data discovery as part of their information governance program. Moving forward, their IT team will be able to quickly search vast numbers of unstructured and structured files across the university network based on qualifiers such as keywords, type of content contained, and file extension , including reaching out to local laptops to get to data is may be otherwise impossible to reach. In addition to locating specific content, Gimmal Discover will allow Point Park to scan all files for sensitive data such as student information and bank routing numbers. Once identified, the files in question can be easily deleted, secured, or otherwise managed as required by university data retention policies such as FERPA, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, and CCPA.


Outside of their existing software solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, implementing Gimmal Discover™ saved Point Park University nearly $100,000 annually. More importantly, the university was able to reach data located on local laptops that otherwise may have been hiding with potential risky sensitive data, something Office 365 cannot do.

Gimmal Discover's™ automated solutions also equipped Point Park’s IT team to respond faster to eDiscovery legal requirements and make it easier to ensure that all sensitive data was stored in compliance with institutional and federal policies. This significantly decreased organizational risk and freed up IT team members to focus their time on other important projects to the benefit of the entire university.

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