OpenText Content Server Migration Simplified Part 2: Automation

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In the last blog, we discussed that the biggest challenge for a successful migration is rooted in discovering and analyzing the existing content. A thorough accounting of your information helps your organization understand its migration requirements and make proper decisions for migration planning. 

We outlined the practical approach that has become our best practice for client engagements. Still, it is cumbersome to consolidate all that information manually for a large-scale migration that targets multiple terabytes of data. Automating a migration process allows you to save time and costs while minimizing any business disruption. Gimmal helps you facilitate and automate the migration process easily with the Gimmal Migrate Discovery and Analytics Tool. 

What does Gimmal’s Tool do? 

The  Gimmal Migrate Discovery and Analytics Tool is a standalone reporting tool that allows an administrator to generate advanced analytics and de-duplication reports. This can determine redundant, obsolete, and trivial content (ROT) and assist with migration pre-planning by identifying what exists in a migration folder area. 

The Gimmal Migrate Discovery and Analytics Tool is a reporting tool that provides a detailed analysis for your folder structures as well as content analytics supporting the automation of your information governance strategy. 

The tool offers many features to help streamline your migration process. Some of the key features are: 

  • Object, version, and disk space statistics 
  • Metadata analysis and breakdown by application 
  • Empty containers 
  • Aging reports for documents 
  • Full export of your folder access control lists (permissions) 
  • Full export of duplicate documents 

With these features, the Gimmal Migrate Discovery and Analytics Tool will enhance your ability to:  

  • Identify and assist with the elimination of redundant, outdated, and trivial content (ROT) from Content Server 
  • Provide a systematic approach for identifying ROT 
  • Enable Administrators to make decisions or act based on identified ROT 
  • Support information management policies for content management 

To conclude, a successful migration starts with thorough planning. It also encompasses analysis, transformation, migration, and validation. The Gimmal Migrate Tool Suite provides four different tools to make the automation of your migration processes easy. The tools within the suite can be customized and configured according to your business requirements to ensure a manageable and efficient migration and step-by-step logs output to validate. 

To learn more about how Gimmal Migrate can help you simplify your migration, check out this on-demand solution showcase.