Cloud Wars

Cloud Governance Wars – Box vs Office 365


A war has been brewing over the ability to govern content in the cloud.  Box and Office 365 are arguably the two leading SaaS based content services providers in the market today.  While Microsoft is the 800-pound gorilla providing a little bit of everything, Box is winning users by providing software that is easier to implement and use.  Both vendors have been ramping up their governance and compliance capabilities over the past several years and have launched major initiatives into the world of cloud-based information governance.  Which of these platforms is going to allow you to comply with your important regulations? 


Let’s start with Box.  They focus on making it easier to do content/document management in the cloud, and while they may not have the sheer horsepower of Microsoft, they truly make it easier to manage and share content.  When it comes to compliance, their add on product, Box Governance, provides most core information governance features in an easy to understand interface.  This post will focus on the features of Box with the assumption that Box Governance has also been licensed. 

Office 365 

Maybe the answer is Microsoft’s Office 365, only you can decide.   Microsoft has been consistently adding new features to the Security and Compliance Center in Office 365.  The upside to the platform is some of the features are becoming well tested in the community and are finding adoption in many organizations, while others are new and incomplete with little user adoption.  This post will also focus on features of Office 365 assuming E3 or E5 has been licensed. 

Box vs O365 InfoGraphic

For more information on how Gimmal can help you achieve compliance in both Box and Office 365, watch this video to learn more. 

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