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Answering the Content Migration Question


Have you ever heard anyone in your organization ask any of the following questions?

  • “When are we going to get rid of this old OpenText Livelink platform?
  • “Are we still paying for this?”
  • “Is this solution right for our business?”
  • “Why do we continue to pay so much for this old Documentum software?”
  • “Why doesn’t this system have a modern user interface?”
  • “Can’t we move all of this into our new Microsoft 365 platform?”

It should be an easy question for you to answer, but for one reason or another, pulling the trigger on a migration has been difficult. You are getting wrapped around the axle with the analysis of the old system and stuck in a rut trying to understand how to map the old schema to the new one. As you start to peel back the layers of the onion that is their heavily customized legacy system, you realize that a migration of this magnitude may be challenging. As you wait, you miss out on tremendous cost savings or avoidance.

You have now standardized on Microsoft 365 as your cloud platform. It is your platform of the future. So, why continue to pay high maintenance and upgrade costs for legacy, on-premises systems you no longer need or that do not meet your current business requirements?

Migration Benefits

Migrating your content from OpenText Content Server, Livelink, or Documentum to Microsoft 365 will empower your users and increase productivity. Eliminate the costs associated with the legacy platform. You will gain the benefits of a modern cloud platform with more functionality than OpenText can offer.

Other benefits include:

  • Simplification of your ECM technology stack
  • Elimination of redundant and outdated technologies
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Cloud platform benefits
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Elimination of expensive staff, complex upgrades, maintenance, redundant hardware

Gimmal Migration

Gimmal Migration helps organizations fully leverage Microsoft 365 by simplifying complex migrations from OpenText Content Server and Documentum to SharePoint Online. This turnkey solution ensures that all migrations are done accurately and efficiently through features like metadata mapping, link redirection, and support for all object types. Take the guesswork out of your migrations with a solution that costs less than your current OpenText maintenance. Migration does not have to be a long, complex process.

So, what is your answer to the question? What are you waiting for? Talk to us about our Gimmal Migration software and let us help you migrate so that you can decommission those costly legacies ECM applications.

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For more information on how Gimmal can help you migrate content from your old, expensive, and redundant ECM platforms, schedule a personalized demonstration of Gimmal Migration.

*Gimmal Migration is now Gimmal Migrate!