Why You Should Migrate your SAP Content to Microsoft 365

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Linking documents to SAP transactions is a powerful and versatile way of making business content available for easy reference by users. However, storing these documents behind the scenes can create a headache for IT. Getting the content out of the SAP database or legacy ECM and moving it into Microsoft 365 is imperative for both controlling storage costs and managing the content.

In this webinar we will discuss the benefits of moving SAP document content to Microsoft 365 as well as the methods for migrating existing content already linked to SAP transactions.

Whether you are moving from SharePoint On-premise, the default SAP Database, SAP Content Server, or an expensive legacy ECM, there is a straight-forward migration path using standard SAP and industry tools.

Attend this webinar to:

• Learn how to cut storage costs by using Microsoft 365 to store and manage SAP content

• Learn how to migrate existing content in the SAP content server, legacy ECM, and others to a comprehensive cloud platform

• Learn how to manage SAP transactional data in Microsoft 365