The 5Ps of Proactive eDiscovery Preparation

On-Demand Webinar

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Whether your organization is faced with possible litigation, regulatory compliance, or internal investigations, effective preparation can save time, money, and stress when an eDiscovery matter arises.

Tune in with Gimmal’s Ryon Lane, JD, CEDS, and Rick Wilson, Product Manager, as they outline five key steps you can take to successfully prepare for your next eDiscovery project.

In this webinar, Ryon and Rick will provide actionable guidance on:

• Common challenges when preparing an organization-wide data map, and who to get on board internally

• Establishing a list of data-related obligations and liabilities based on the data map

• How to assess current legal, eDiscovery, and compliance matters, and estimate what the future will reasonably look like

• Understanding Roles and Responsibilities associated with the eDiscovery process

• What to look for in eDiscovery tools to streamline the process