ROI Potential of Discovery Tools

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Every year, the amount of information created and replicated grows exponentially. Do you understand the cost of managing that information? What’s the risk of leaving it unmanaged? Storage is cheap, but managing storage is not. Discovery and file analytic tools allow users to locate information for litigation, internal review, or simple cleanup. At the same time, you can ensure sensitive information is not left unmanaged or exposed with an affordable and efficient automation tool.

In this webinar, Solution Architect, Jeff Tujetsch, explores how your organization can leverage third-party discovery and analysis tools to lower the cost of managing information, increase visibility, and limit the cost of non-compliance.

Watch to learn:

• How discovery tools can reduce time wasted on finding information and reallocate resources towards higher value tasks

• Why simply storing sensitive content is not enough to protect information from falling into the wrong hands or being used in a non-compliant manner

• Real world consequences of leaving information unmanaged