RFIDConnect for Gimmal Physical

gimmaladminProduct Updates

Gimmal announces the release of the new RFIDConnect. Created to facilitate detection of RFID tags that are in range of the network-connected RFID antenna. Using a network-enabled Zebra FX7500 RFID reader, clients can accurately and efficiently check items out to individuals or into a location.  RFIDConnect communicates with Gimmal Physical software through a robust API that enables real-time tracking of all indexed assets.  Further, RFIDConnect provides the ability to program RFID tags, allowing clients to tag new items as they are captured in the Gimmal Physical software.  RFIDConnect also supports the use of tethered barcode scanners, so whether your holdings have a barcode label or an RFID tag, RFIDConnect can accurately update the location in real-time.  The system tray application provides a configurable activity window for displaying captured barcode scans or RFID Tag reads. Options are provided for configuring up to 4 antennas with variable read strengths.