Privacy Compliance in the United States: Status and Progress in 2022


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Information on 15 billion individuals and more than 100,000 data breaches is fueling a bounty of identity theft, financial fraud and other malicious threats.

For privacy regimes to be effective, regulators and governments need to force organizations to pay more attention to consumer data that is collected, processed, retained, stored and shared.

In this Gimmal-sponsored white paper, you’ll learn about Osterman Research survey details, such as:

  • Only half of the organizations have mature approaches for complying with privacy regulations
  • Avoiding loss of customer trust is the top motivator for compliance (76%)
  • Fundamental personal data disciplines are lacking
  • Employees are a key threat to privacy compliance

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You can also watch the webinar recording of Michael Sampson, Osterman Research senior analyst, reviewing the findings with Gimmal’s Chief Revenue Officer Dean Gonsowski here.