Municipality Dramatically Cuts Costs and Improves Enterprise Content Access with Gimmal

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This Gimmal client is a United States municipality with over a quarter of a million residents. The municipality owns and operates electrical, water, wastewater utilities, and emergency services.

"SharePoint paired with Gimmal Link was chosen because it controlled costs while enabling content to be more widely available to the appropriate users."

Business Needs

The annual maintenance and support cost of operating the existing OpenText solution for storing the municipality’s SAP® software documents totaled around $100,000. However, that did not include enough user licenses for SAP® software users to access the solution. In order to have enough user licenses, the one-time purchase cost was expected to be close to $500,000. This also meant doubling the maintenance and support fees to around $200,000. This spend was in addition to the costs for hosting the solution in the cloud.

Further consulting fees for an assessment of the OpenText upgrade and the subsequent required customizations were assessed at close to $70,000.

Additionally, the skills required for maintaining the OpenText solution were not available “in house” which meant that consultants would be needed, further ballooning the total cost of ownership.


SharePoint with Gimmal Link was chosen because it controlled costs while enabling content to be more widely available to the appropriate users. Gimmal Link provided bi-directional capability. As a result, the context for the documents stored in SharePoint can now be preserved and available to search. This also made business processes such as records management available. In addition, the expertise and skills required for operating SharePoint are available within the organization and are easy to learn for newcomers.

This reduces consulting costs and makes hiring and utilizing existing staff easier. Overall, Gimmal Gimmal Link replaced the capabilities of the OpenText solution with a much more favorable long-term total cost of ownership.


With the help of the Gimmal's Link software, this municipality is now seeing numerous benefits including:

  • The municipality was able to leverage SharePoint to store SAP® software documents
  • The enterprise-wide SharePoint environment allowed all users access to the appropriate content
  • The affordable implementation, and lower maintenance costs resulted in a lower total cost of ownership
  • A 70% reduction in annual maintenance and support costs was achieved in less than a year of using Gimmal Link
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