How to Improve Microsoft 365 Records Management

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Organizations have invested in Microsoft 365 as their platform for the future. As Microsoft 365 continues to make advancements in governing enterprise content, it is no wonder why so many organizations choose to deploy it. Microsoft 365 provides a solid foundation to any information governance program. However, the existing records management capabilities may leave organizations needing more to meet the needs of the enterprise

In this webinar, Gimmal’s Director of Sales Engineering Dean Misenhimer discusses how to enhance records management capabilities in Microsoft 365 with Gimmal.

We also demonstrate how to apply advanced records management capabilities across all of your enterprise content, electronic and physical.

View this webinar recording to learn:

  • How to improve the use of Microsoft 365 retention labels
  • How to manage and apply policy on information inside and outside of Microsoft 365
  • How to utilize a versatile disposition process