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Gimmal releases Documentum to SharePoint migration tool

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Houston, TX – May 11, 2021 – Gimmal LLC, a leading provider of information governance software solutions, has announced the official release of its Documentum to SharePoint migration tool. With this addition to the Gimmal Migrate product, users will be able to achieve an effective and efficient migration from Documentum to Microsoft 365.  

To learn more about Gimmal Migrate, visit www.gimmal.com/gimmalmigrate  

The newly release Documentum to SharePoint migration tool gives client: 

  • The ability to achieve “full-fidelity” migration to preserve elements such as versions, metadata, created dates, and user information for information and records management purposes 
  • The ability to easily decommission Documentum, consolidating your legacy systems to achieve significant cost savings with a modern platform 
  • Conduct compliant migrations with automated legal chain of custody and detailed proof of migration 

“By expanding our proven Gimmal Migrate tools and methodology to support the fastest migrations from Documentum to M365 – we feel this will allow our customers to realize significant cost savings via continued platform consolidation and simplification.,” states Gimmal’s Vice President of Product Management, Patrick Wong.  

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:  

About Gimmal 

Gimmal’s information governance solutions have been helping clients take control of their information for over 18 years by combating risks associated with critical business information and enabling the ability to control content sprawl, reduce high infrastructure costs, and locate appropriate information when needed. Gimmal’s software helps streamline discovery, migration, governance, and compliance of information without impacting end users. Learn more about Gimmal’s information governance offerings at https://www.gimmal.com