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Gimmal Records Management is Now Available for FileNet

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HOUSTON, TX- JANUARY 15, 2019 – Gimmal, the leading provider of information governance and compliance software, announces that Gimmal Records Management, the industry’s leading enterprise-wide records management software, is now compatible with FileNet.

Gimmal Records Management is federated records management software that manages records and content where it lives by applying policy directly to the content within the repository. With current connectors for SharePoint, Office 365, Documentum, Box, and others, Gimmal identified FileNet as an immediate need within the industry and has now added the ECM platform to its ever-growing list of supported repositories.

FileNet has been the content management solution of choice for many companies since the early 1980s. As a result of their long term success in the document management space, IBM acquired FileNet in 2006. FileNet’s capabilities include lifecycle management, transactional content processing, document management, content consolidation, content-based application development, and compliance and governance.

Historically, most FileNet customers do not implement records management policies within the ECM. The main reason for this is because implementing records management within an ECM platform can be a grueling process and often very expensive that requires costly third-party integrators and custom development. Of the companies that do implement proper records management within the ECM platform, generally, it is siloed to that one repository, leaving the rest of the enterprise information unmanaged and ungoverned. Gimmal understands how this critical issue creates a lot of corporate risk around non-compliance, audits, security, and inefficiencies.

Gimmal’s federated records management software lives outside of any one repository, allowing it to connect to every content repository throughout the enterprise and apply consistent policy and information governance holistically, no matter where it lives.

The connector allows you to manage FileNet documents as well as allow you to declare documents as records. You can apply lifecycle rules that have a duration and have a specific action for disposition. More importantly, you are able to dispose and delete a document while it remains in FileNet without having to transfer it to a records archive like other software vendors.

Another benefit is that by applying these connectors to your content repositories especially FileNet, you don’t have to make changes to your current system. Now, you won’t have to worry about bringing on more resources or training your end users or system admins to use the records management software since it is happening behind the scenes.

As Gimmal continues to grow its list of supported repositories, the barriers between systems, departments, teams, and locations will continue to shrink. Gimmal Records Management allows organizations to upload, classify, manage, secure, and dispose of information automatically, anywhere in the world. Gimmal’s cloud-based federated platform is bringing records management into the realm of digital transformation.

*Gimmal Records Management is now Gimmal Records!