Gimmal Extends Microsoft Purview Information Protection Solution for Enhanced Sensitive Data Labeling and Governance

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Thursday, June 20, 2024 – HOUSTON, TX – Gimmal, the market’s only end-to-end information governance platform, announced today the launch of their Microsoft Purview Sensitivity Labels solution to extend and enhance sensitive data classification for unstructured data sources, such as network file shares and endpoints.

Modern remote and hybrid work environments have compounded security and compliance risks for organizations and public sector agencies. Lack of data labeling consistency and user control also further limits integrated visibility and insight into where sensitive data resides and how it is protected across disparate content storage locations.

As a Microsoft Content AI Partner Charter Member, Gimmal’s new Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitive data labeling capabilities will help customers maximize their Microsoft investment by:

  • Protecting their organization’s most sensitive data and information securely and at scale, using consistent and customizable Microsoft Sensitivity Labels across a range of unstructured data sources
  • Maximizing user productivity and collaboration by automating document content and metadata classification applications across the Microsoft 365 environment
  • Permitting more accurate governance of content with existing sensitivity labels via actions such as the deletion, migration, or copying of documents without compromising compliance

“For organizations utilizing Microsoft 365, leveraging Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) is key to enhancing data classification initiatives,” said Eric Derk, Legal Operations Managing Director at BDO USA.

“MIP labeling capabilities coupled with Gimmal’s enhanced labeling offerings are essential for preventing costly data breaches, minimizing risk, and building a strong foundation for modern information governance in a complex regulatory environment.”

“Inconsistent application of sensitive data labels across different storage locations can lead to gaps in sensitive data protection, especially for those still on legacy systems looking to modernize their information governance processes,” said Balaji Srinivasan, Vice President of Research & Development at Gimmal.

“As a longtime Microsoft partner, we’re excited to help customers maximize their Microsoft investments through a centralized solution that ensures a unified view and comprehensive data protection for their most valuable assets and information.”

Organizations that are already using Microsoft Purview and are looking to extend their sensitive labeling capabilities to files and content outside of their Microsoft environments can now schedule a demo.

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