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Gimmal Introduces File Analysis Solution for Unstructured Data

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Houston, TX– May 20, 2020 – Gimmal LLC, A Houston-based provider of information governance and compliance software, is excited to announce the launch of a new file analysis solution, Gimmal Altitude.  Altitude will provide users with the ability to manage unstructured data across the enterprise by discovering and analyzing content in all corporate data sources to reduce risk and improve organizational efficiency. This solution allows users to easily gain visibility into the masses of content they have and make better decisions to eliminate unnecessary data and govern information properly.

Key features of Gimmal Altitude, include:

  • Discovering valuable business information buried in unstructured data sources
  • Identify redundant, obsolete, and trivial information
  • Classifying critical business content to ensure proper information governance

Gimmal Vice President of Client Success, Sheander Tou, stated, “A successful information governance program starts with an understanding of enterprise data.  File shares still hold the majority of data in an organization but, with Gimmal Altitude, this data can be analyzed and acted upon to support mature information governance.”

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Gimmal Altitude is now Gimmal Discover!