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Gimmal Announces eDiscovery and Data Governance Capabilities for Microsoft Teams

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Houston, TX – October 11, 2021 – Gimmal LLC, a Houston-based provider of information governance and compliance software, is pleased to announce the extension of its Gimmal Discover solution, which now offers data governance and e-discovery for Microsoft Teams.  

Gimmal Discover helps businesses locate, classify, and manage critical data to mitigate privacy risks and protect sensitive information. With this extended Microsoft 365 support, Gimmal Discover makes it easy for clients to search and report on channels, messages, and/or file content in Microsoft Teams.  

This launch allows clients to: 

  • Search Microsoft Teams content in both data Governance and eDiscovery modules 
  • Save email collections in eDiscovery as PST, MSG, or EML files 
  • Easily locate and manage data owner reports with new data governance policy filters 

For more information on how Gimmal Discover mitigates organizational risk, visit  

“By expanding Gimmals Discover capabilities to Microsoft Teams, we improve our client’s ability to locate critical business content without disrupting workflow,” states Gimmal’s Product Manager, Rick Wilson.  

About Gimmal  

Gimmal provides the solutions organizations need to find information, govern content, improve business processes, and ensure information is in compliance with business requirements, no matter where it is stored. Gimmal software automates processes, discovers critical information across the organization, helps achieve interoperability between SharePoint® and SAP®, migrates from legacy systems, and improves productivity across your organization at the lowest possible cost. Learn more about Gimmal’s information governance offerings at