Gimmal Discover Adds Support for Apple Mac Workstations 

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Gimmal is pleased to announce that we have officially added support for Apple Mac workstations to Gimmal Discover.  This allows our valued clients to extend their Data Governance, Classification, or eDiscovery activities to their Mac user population.  

Increasingly, our clients are telling us that their users are choosing Mac workstations over Windows. In some cases, the split between devices is as high as 20% Mac and 80% Windows. The new Gimmal Discover Mac Agent will support file-based content on workstations running OS X versions Monterey and Big Sur on either the Intel or Apple M1 chipsets. In addition, the Gimmal Discover Mac Agent uses the standard .PKG installation process making it compatible with popular Apple device management tools like Jampf.  

On March 12, 2022, Gimmal Discover 2021.2 will go live adding the Mac workstation support along with these additional capabilities:  

Additional Release Features 

  • Support for creating custom user roles. These roles will determine what product features a Discover user may access 
  • Support for downloading large report files directly from the Gimmal Discover dashboard 
  • Added a synchronization option for Microsoft 365 mailbox legal hold statuses when enabling legal hold management in Discover  
  • Disabled the option to modify eDiscovery labels after a collection has been processed 

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