Documentum to SharePoint Migration Tool

A powerful set of tools to migrate content from Documentum to SharePoint Online quickly and efficiently.

Migration Tool Overview

Moving to SharePoint?  The Documentum to SharePoint Migration Tool allows you to easily plan, organize and migrate your content to SharePoint Online / M365 hassle free. 

Achieve seamless migrations, whereby your content is migrated from Documentum to SharePoint Online with full fidelity as if your organization’s content had always resided in SharePoint. 

Benefits and Features: 

  • Easily migrate content from Documentum to SharePoint, OneDrive, file shares, or Azure Storage with the click of a button. 
  • Support for Documentum 5.3+ to Documentum 16.X. 
  • Migrate by Docbase / repository – cabinet or folder. 
  • Migrate by list of IDs. 
  • Support document versions and mapping of system attributes. 
  • Maintain your created by and created dates from Documentum to your documents in SharePoint. 
  • Preserve your last modified by and modify dates from Documentum to your documents in SharePoint. 
  • Option to map Documentum Type properties and attributes to SharePoint Content Types or Columns. 
  • Apply new or additional (inject) metadata during migration. 
  • Support flat or hierarchical taxonomy migrations. 
  • Analysis Wizard allows advanced migration planning to help identify potential migration issues up front. 
  • Pre-migration analysis step to identify and resolve migration issues prior to migration. 
  • Automatically create a SharePoint Document Library to migrate content into. 
  • Easily restructure your content and move folders, shorten paths, and exclude data from your migration plan. 
  • Apply M365 retention labels as part of your migration.  
  • Full legal chain of custody preserved for all actions via detailed migration and audit logs. 
  • Migrations can be scheduled to occur at the most convenient times or during off hours. 
  • Migration validation reports can be generated automatically as proof of migration. 
  • Create Migration Profiles to plan out how your migration will work. 
  • Supports Advanced (Major/Minor) Versioning. 
  • No requirement to install software directly on your Documentum environments (our tools are installed on a Client).  
  • Audit logging of all migration operations preserving full legal chain of custody. 
  • Leverage Gimmal Services’ SharePoint Records and Information Management expertise.
  • The Documentum Discovery & Analytics Tool allows clients to perform a detailed analysis of their Documentum environment as part of pre-migration planning or to inventory Documentum content for other purposes.

            Migrate Content From:

            • Documentum 5.3+
            • Documentum 6.0
            • Documentum 6.5
            • Documentum 6.7
            • Documentum 7.0
            • Documentum 7.1
            • Documentum 7.2
            • Documentum 7.3
            • Documentum 16.X

            Migrate Content To:

            • SharePoint Online
            • OneDrive
            • Network File Shares
            • Azure Storage
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