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Gimmal Migrate – Documentum Exporter 2.1 Release

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We are pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the Gimmal Migrate – Documentum Exporter Tool. 

Install our client-side based tools and start your migrations from Documentum to SharePoint Online in under 5 minutes.  Gimmal Migrate makes your migrations from OpenText Documentum to SharePoint Online fast, efficient, and effective.  

What’s New 

This release includes features that enable support for the analysis and export/migration of Documentum Link Folders and Link Documents.  We’ve added various options that will allow you to get your Link Folders and Link Documents exported and migrated off according to your needs.  Other enhancements have been added for supporting zero-byte files and document naming options. 

Learn more about Gimmal Migrate – Documentum migrations to SharePoint Online here

Gimmal helps you take control of your information. Our solutions help you streamline the discovery, migration, governance, and compliance of information without impacting your end-users. Achieve information governance by ensuring information creates value instead of risks.  


To learn more or see a demonstration of Gimmal Migrate from Documentum to SharePoint Online email us at