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Document Management for SAP Solutions 5.6

gimmaladminProduct Updates

Gimmal is pleased to announce the general release of Document Management for SAP Solutions 5.6. The installation media can be found at the Gimmal Download Site. Please submit a request to Gimmal Support if you require access.

New Features/Changes

The following features/changes have been made to Document Management for SAP Solutions for this release.


  • Enhanced Auto.index with a “Custom” Indexer Mode that does -not- require an object link to be found in order to proceed with the configured Index Actions.
  • Certain “special characters” [‘~’, ‘&’, ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘#’, ‘%’] now supported in SharePoint Online can be used in file names and other properties in SharePoint for O365 without being altered by DM for SAP Solutions.

Document Service Modules Expression Language

  • The following DSM EvaluatorExpression options have been added: Length, IndexOf, LastIndexOf, RemoveLeftOfString, RemoveRightOfString
  • To learn more about how to use these Expressions, please refer to the Product Documentation


  • Configurable option to turn off the Scan.Link Query Optimizations that were added in v5.5. This is to allow for the processing of “Drop-off Libraries” that are over the SharePoint List View Threshold.

*Document Management for SAP Solutions is now Gimmal Link!