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Gimmal Records Dec 2021 Cloud Release

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Gimmal is pleased to announce that on Dec 3, 2021, the Gimmal Records Cloud Service was updated. The Gimmal Records Dec 2021 Cloud Release (Sprint 66) provides the latest features to our cloud customers.

Highlights of Gimmal Records Dec 2021 Cloud Release

New Features

Gimmal is pleased to announce two new features that support an improved user experience as well as support for enabling Preservation Copies for SharePoint Online. Our next blog post introducing the Microsoft 365 SharePoint Connector will cover a formal introduction of these exciting new features.

Record Overview

The Record Overview interface is a new landing page for a Record that displays the record details and encapsulates access to all records management functions.

The Record Overview Details tab provides detailed information pertaining to an individual record. From this screen, you can see what Record Class a record has been assigned, where the record is in its Lifecycle, its Declaration status, its Legal Hold status, and if Preservation is enabled for that record. Users can copy and paste the link to this page for other users to reference.

This new User Interface has been provided to work with the new Manage Record functionality that will be forthcoming in Gimmal’s new Microsoft 365 SharePoint Connector.

Preservation Copies

There is a new user interface setting to enable Preservation Copies on a Record Class in Gimmal Records to allow preservation of content to an Azure Blob Storage location. In this version – Preservation Copies will only function for SharePoint Online content for customers using Gimmal Records in the Cloud with Gimmal’s new Microsoft 365 SharePoint Connector.

Cumulative Bug Fixes 

This version also contains several minor bug fixes and improvements. Please reference the Release Notes for the complete list of fixes. 

Look for more exciting product releases and functionality coming in a few weeks! 

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