Compliant and Secure Records Management in Box

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As the December 31, 2022 deadline for the M-19-21 directive (Transition to Electronic Record Keeping) rapidly approaches, agencies must quickly consider their options to implement an effective and compliant paper-to-cloud and electronic records management solution while also ensuring that a day forward strategy for managing and tagging electronic records is in place.

Box, a leader in cloud content management, allows agencies to manage their unstructured data at scale, while complying with Federal security requirements. Together with trusted partners like Edge Digital and Gimmal, agencies can seamlessly transition from physical records to electronic record keeping.

During this webinar, join the panel of experts from Box, Edge Digital, and Gimmal as they advise on how plan, execute, and manage the lifecycle of physical records conversion and records information management while also ensuring consistent, cloud-based records management to comply with Federal guidelines.

Watch to learn:

• How to assess all physical record collections to determine those which need to be destroyed, digitized or sent to Federal Record Centers.

• How to design, fund, and implement a digitization and cloud-based records management program.

• Strategies to streamline information governance and security through content classification.

• How to leverage the power of the cloud to scale your compliance and content management efforts.

• Methods to provide justification so SAORM’s and senior administrators can secure the required budget.