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Introducing Gimmal Drop Zones

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Houston, TX– June 30, 2020 – Gimmal LLC, a Houston-based provider of information governance and compliance software, is excited to announce the initial release of Gimmal Cloud Drop Zones. This functionality not only expands the company’s capability in the cloud, but also enhances the highly demanded SharePoint Drop Zone feature offered in the Content Governance for SharePoint solution.  

As Gimmal continues to improve Cloud Drop Zones, users can expect the following benefits: 

  • Centrally stored Drop Zone configuration to be reused for multiple instances 
  • Drop Zone capability in different repositories beyond just SharePoint 
  • Enterprise-wide Information Governance with a cloud-based solution 

About Gimmal

Gimmal provides the solutions organizations need to find information, govern content, improve business processes, and ensure information is in compliance, no matter where they are stored. Gimmal software automates processes, helps achieve interoperability between SharePoint® and SAP®, centralizes policy for legacy systems, and improves productivity across your organization at the lowest possible cost. Learn more at